Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angel Food Surprise Cake

It doesn't get any easier than this! All you need is this...

to make a delicious low-cal, low-fat, low-sugar dessert that the whole family will enjoy. (Well, except for Spice of course. She was out as soon as she saw that a fruit that was NOT grapes or apples was involved. Oh well, just leaves more for the rest of us.) To top it all off, you only need to dirty one dish - two if you count the spoon - to make this tasty treat.

Here's what you do:
Dump angel food cake mix in an ungreased 8 x 12 sheet cake pan. Add in 16 ounces of crushed pineapple in its own juice. Stir with a spoon and watch it grow. (Sport really likes this part. I'm sure there's a science lesson in there somewhere. I just haven't figured it out yet.) Once well mixed, pop it in the oven and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. We like to top it with Cool Whip - fat free of course.

This post is linked to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam's Tasty Tuesday and Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family because any dessert that my kids can make from start to finish works for me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Easy Bake Oven Recipes

I planned to save this post until next week's Works For Me Wednesday, but when I logged onto We Are That Family today and saw the topic for this week was favorite summer recipes I figured I'd better go ahead and get posting. This isn't your typical "summer recipe" but if you're looking for a way to keep the kiddos occupied, these are a lot of fun!

If you have a young 'un with an Easy Bake Oven, I don't have to tell you how expensive the mixes are. Lucky for us, Santa left quite a few when he delivered the oven this past Christmas. We've just about run out though, and honestly, they're not so tasty. Awhile back I came across a website with recipes to make your own EBO mixes. I filed it away in the back of my mind until last night.

Sport is in Louisiana visiting all the grandparents and cousins so Spice and I have been trying to do some girly things. Today she had a friend over so we broke out the EBO and they made their entire lunch in it. Who knew you could make things like pizza, quiche, and quesadillas with nothing more than a heap of plastic and a light bulb? Here are the two concoctions we cooked up today:

Bean and Cheese Quesadilla

whole wheat tortilla
Frito Lay bean dip
dab of butter
non-stick cooking spray

First we folded a soft taco size tortilla in half and cut out a circle the size of the EBO pan. (You can get 4 circles out of one tortilla this way.) Spray some olive oil in the bottom of the pan. Place one tortilla in the pan, cover with cheese. Spread about 1 Tbsp. of bean dip on the second tortilla then place it bean side down on top of the cheese. Put a dab of butter on top and bake for about 7 minutes. Serve with a side of salsa for dipping.

The girls gave this a big thumbs up.

For dessert, we made peanut butter cookies:
1-1/2 Tbsp. peanut butter
1/4 cup flour
1 Tbsp. butter
chocolate chips

Combine peanut butter, flour, butter, and 2 tsp. sugar in a small bowl. Stir until it comes together. Separate dough and roll into small balls (about 1/2 inch). We used natural peanut butter so we rolled them in a bit of sugar before baking to sweeten them up a bit. Place 3-4 balls in EBO pan and flatten gently with thumb. Place 1 chocolate chip in the center of each cookie. Bake for about 7 minutes.They're pretty crumbly when they come out so let sit for a few minutes before removing from pan. This made 12 tiny cookies.
Here are a couple of links for more EBO recipes. Soon I hope to have the kids cooking dinner with the thing.

EBO Recipes

Frugal Easy Bake Oven Mixes

Free Chick-fil-A!

Are you in the moooood for free food? I hope so because that often overlooked holiday, Cow Appreciation Day, is this Friday. To celebrate, Chick-fil-A is giving away free chicken to customers dressed like a cow. Anyone in full cow regalia gets a free meal. If you're too classy to go all out, you can at least get a free entree' by donning a cow print shirt, scarf, handbag, or anything cow related. If you've always dreamed of wearing a cowbell around your neck, this would be a good time to do it!
If you need help getting started here are a couple of links to printable cow masks that you can make at home:

Design Your Own Cow

Mean Cow

Cute cow (available in color or black and white)

Or you can go straight to the source and download the official Chick-fil-A Cow Starter Kit.

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