Thursday, January 28, 2010


So the Saints are FINALLY in the Super Bowl and I just want to remind all 7 of my faithful followers you read it here first! A little over a year ago I wrote my very first blog post with details on how to determine if you were a Groovie Mom with one of the criteria being, "You promise your kids they can stay up ALL NIGHT when the Saints go to the Super Bowl!" OK, I admit it was a promise I didn't really expect to have to fulfill, after 37 years of disappointment who can blame me, or at least not until Sport was off on his own and staying up to the wee hours of the morning anyway. But, being the Groovie Mom that I am I fully intend to stand by that promise. Not only that, I'm proud to finally get to fulfill it! WHO DAT?

Favorite Projects of 2009 Part 1

OK, so I know I'm a bit behind the times here. I had planned to kick off 2010 with a bevy of blog posts showing all the great things I managed to accomplish last year. Now it's almost February and I'm just getting started. Let's just say going out of town after Christmas, coming home to a houseful of decorations needing to be packed away, and then spending about 2 weeks with a stomach bug slowly taking its toll on each member of the family is not the best way to start the new year! My original plan was to show off each of these projects as they happened, but that never happened so now I'm falling further and further behind. I took all these pictures though so I'm determined to get some use out of them. So, without further adieu, here is a look at my first Favorite Project of 2009, (drumroll please...) the Laundry Room:

Here's a before picture. Despite what it may look like, this is not a picture of my work in progress. This is how it actually looked when we moved in. I guess the previous owners figured once they had a buyer they didn't need to bother finishing the paint job. I lived with this for quite awhile then one day just decided I couldn't take it anymore.

As luck would have it, I had a gallon of paint that I had originally purchased for my dining room, but changed my mind about, sitting in the basement just waiting to be used. It was "free" (depending on how you look at it) so I decided to put it to good use and save myself the trouble of staring at teeny tiny paint chips on the wall for a week and just go with it.


My dad hung the shelves for me (along with about 12 other things) when he was here for Christmas. Thanks Dad! I purchased these at Lowes. My parents gave me the 2 long galvanized metal bins on the bottom shelf a couple of years ago and my plan was always to find more to fill out the shelves for storage. Right after Christmas I stopped by the thrift store to kill some time and came across an abnormal amount of silver bins/buckets. It was like being on "X Files" or something. I spotted the first bin and next thing you know I was surrounded. I purchased the five remaining containers, including the beauty with the fleur de lis, and one other bucket that would not fit on the shelf for under $4 total! Don't you love it when you're just walking along minding your own business and then Cha-Ching! you hit the jackpot? I love them all.


But especially this one!


I was trying to figure out what to do with all of the kids' artwork one day when I walked in the laundry room and saw all the boring white cabinets glaring at me. Seemed the perfect place to show off their work and a good way to brighten up the room some. The container on the wall is where I stash all the dryer lent in between washings. I picked it up at the thrift store awhile back with plans to paint over it and stencil it with a fleur de lis, a la Thrifty Decor Chic.

Finally, here's a great way to deal with all the cleaning accessories cluttering up the house. You know, the broom, mop, Swiffer Wet, Swiffer Dry, feather duster, dust pan... I got tired of wrangling with them on the side of the washing machine and seeing them scratch up my beautiful new paint job so I got this holder. Since it's a tight squeeze there on the side of the washer, I tied pieces of twine to the top of some to make it easy to get them on and off the hooks.

Well, as with every project around here, I'm not completey done. Still need a curtain and I have visions of some vintage laundromat signs for the wall, but those will all come in due time.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, January 25, 2010
Outside my's dark and windy.
I am thinking...of all kinds of things...upcoming Cub Scout banquet, craft projects, school work, house projects I want to get moving on...
I am thankful for...everyone finally being healthy again! It's been a rough two weeks here.
From the learning rooms... Sport and I have ditched Saxon math after one too many battles over the workbook. We have gone to an online program, Aleks, and it has been a godsend! After barely a week, he has decided he likes math again and it is in fact, his favorite subject. I have also discovered a few weakness that weren't showing up with Saxon and we have been able to work through them. Best of all, he asks to do math everyday!
Around the house...Hubby and the kids started peeling wallpaper off the walls in the entryway so I guess (hope) I'll be painting soon.
From the kitchen...We finally had the bean and cheese enchiladas I'd planned for 2 weeks ago. I'm trying out a new menu planning method for the next few weeks.We'll see how it goes.
I am wearing...jeans and my sparkly black and gold fleur de lis shirt. Still reveling in the glory of the Saints win last night!
I am creating...plans for our Gold Rush studies this week and a trip to the Tellus Science Museum to pan for gold.
I am reading...nothing at the moment. Just waiting on Hubby to finish Running For My Life by Warrick Dunn, one of the two books I gave him for Christmas that I can't wait to get my hands on.
I am find a Mary Engelbreit page-a-day calendar on clearance at Wal-Mart tomorrow so I can make cute cards like this.
I am hearing...the heater running and Three and a Half Men on TV.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Homeschool enrichment classes tomorrow, 5-year check-up for Spice and Lego Club meeting Wed., Little Flowers on Thurs., gymnastics on Fri., and a Lego competition and basketball game for Sport on Sat.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleaning Up After Sick Kids

It's been a rough couple of weeks here in the GroovieMom household. A stomach virus has taken its toll on each of us one by one. I'll spare you all the gory details and get right to the topic at hand. Here are my top tips for saving your sanity with sick kids in the house:

Keep everything covered! This is especially important if you have little ones in the house. Spice for one has not mastered the art of aiming. I kept her bed lined with lap pads like these that I have held on to just for this purpose. This way if she throws up during the middle of the night, all I have to do is change out the padding, rather than completely strip all sheets off the bed and start over. I also keep the couch covered with several layers of beach towels for the same reason.
If you have older kids like Sport, who may have mastered the art of aiming, but still don't have the timing down, keep a small wastebasket nearby at all times. I line a trash can with several plastic shopping bags so if the urge strikes all I have to do is remove the offending bag along with the one beneath it for extra protection (I learned the hard way a lot of those shopping bags leak), dispose of it and reline the can. Makes for a much more easier and less nauseating clean-up. Just close your eyes, hold your breath and pack it away. I keep a trash can by Sport's bed when he's sick along with a couple of towels underneath it for extra protection.

These tips work for me when things in our home are at a low point I hope they can help you too. Visit We Are That Family for more WFMW tips.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, January 11, 2010
Outside my window...It's dark now, but the snow on the ground has been there for FOUR days now and the ice is slowly melting.
I am thinking...about next year and what homeschooling materials/curriculum we want to use.
I am thankful for...Homeschooling! With the lower than normal frigid temperatures here this past week and all of the school and road closings, it's nice to know we can go about our business as usual without ever having to leave our warm home.
From the learning rooms... We're heading out west. We started reading Little House On the Prairie yesterday and will be studying pioneers, the Gold Rush, and all things western for the next few weeks.
Around the house...I have finally caught up with the aftermath of Christmas and a weeklong post-Christmas trip to Louisiana. However, a stomach virus sweeping through the house is taking its toll on the couch and the laundry.
From the kitchen...plans for bean and cheese enchiladas for dinner were scratched after Spice and hubby succumbed to the stomach virus yesterday and today. The rest of the week will be touch and go and will depend on whether or not I ever make it to the grocery store.
I am wearing...grey turtleneck sweater, jeans, gray socks, tennis shoes.
I am creating...lesson plans for the next few weeks.
I am reading...Where Did You Sleep Last Night? by Danzy Senna.
I am hoping...the virus doesn't take it's toll on me (Sport already had his brush with it last week) and that Hubby's back heals REAL quick. Having a stomach virus is even worse when you can't move a muscle!
I am hearing...the dishwasher running in the kitchen and Big Bang Theory on the TV.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Who knows? We'll have to see how everyone is doing.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

A new year has begun and that means everyone is dusting off last year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape and starting over again. I found this recipe in All You magazine a few months back and have been using it on a regular basis since then. I love microwave popcorn for a quick snack, but let's face it the prepackaged kind is not the healthy treat popcorn is meant to be. If you've been forking over the big bucks for organic/all natural microwave popcorn like me, here's a recipe your wallet will love as much as your waistline.

Pour 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in a brown lunch bag. Add 1 tablespoon of oil (olive or canola is best) and 1 teaspoon of salt. Shake well, fold over the top of the bag, and cook in the microwave for 3-4 minutes.

The real beauty of this recipe is you can easily forgo the salt and add other flavors like brown sugar, cinnamon, garlic salt...mmmmm, I better go get popping.

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