Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Patch Blanket

Sport joined Cub Scouts last year and I was disappointed to learn they no longer use the sash to show off all of their hard earned patches. The sash has been replaced by a big red brag vest. I quickly realized two things about the brag vest:

1) The boys hardly ever wear them.
2) At some point they will become too small and a loving mom will have to spend a lot of time removing patches from one vest and sewing them back on another, larger, one. I knew that wasn't going to happen here so Sport and I decided to go a different route.

We picked up a navy blue fleece blanket from Anna's Linens for a mere $3. I had hoped to get a red, but they were out of stock and Sport went for blue. Then I picked up a package of Steam-A-Seam2 from Hobby Lobby.


I traced around each patch on one side of the Steam-A-Seam paper, cut them out and laid them out on the blanket. Once I found a layout I liked, I removed the backing from each side of the Steam-A-Seam and ironed the patches onto the blanket. I placed a towel on top of the patches before ironing so as not to damage the blanket.

Here's the "finished" product...


Adding on new patches will be a cinch. This patch blanket works for me because Sport will easily be able to show off all of his hard-earned patches and I don't have to worry about him outgrowing his blanket anytime soon. To find out what works for others, head over to We Are That Family's Works For Me Wednesday.

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celina from canada said...

in beavers we call that a camp fire blanket...

Louise said...

What a GREAT idea! Your son can keep that blanket for years and years and will never outgrow it.