Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 12, 2009...
Outside my window...another rainy, rainy day.
I am thinking...about which of the gourmet meals I have planned for this week I'll actually cook tonight.
I am thankful for...a productive school day where everyone cooperated!
From the learning rooms...The kids are finishing up for the day and all I can hear is the sound of markers squeaking away. Spice is making a card for a friend who moved away. Sport is coloring a wooden scarecrow I picked up at JoAnn's awhile back. We also read some of Pinocchio today, and about Lewis & Clark, learned about telescopes, and started cursive handwriting among other things. The most exciting part of the school day though was when Sport got a lesson in doing laundry. He actually begged for this!
From the kitchen...I'm thinking we'll go with the baked fish and summer squash tonight.
I am creating...preschool activity bags for a swap with our homeschool group later this week.
I am try to clean up a bit before cooking supper and heading to church for Sport's religion class and Cub Scouts.
I am reading...nothing seriously at the moment. Trying to catch up on all my magazines that always seem to come in on the same day.
I am hoping...Spice isn't too sick. She had a low grade fever for a day or two last week, was fine all weekend, and now has a fever again. I read that's how swine flu operates except with a high fever and lots of other symptoms.
I am hearing...well, the markers are done squeaking and now the kids are marching around with a homemade flag.
Around the house...books, books, books everywhere!
One of my favorite things...a relaxed school day where we're not rushing to get somewhere.
A few plans for the rest of the week: activity bag swap and Spice's playgroup on Wednesday, Sport's first book club meeting on Thursday, pumpkin patch on Saturday and basketball try-outs for Sport on Sunday.
I am wearing...gray velour pants, a light blue t-shirt, and Christmas socks. I'll be making some changes before going out tonight!

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