Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Learning All Summer Long - Fun Boredom Buster

We are on the go a lot during the summer. It's rare to have one of those days when there's absolutely nothing on the schedule and no where to go. Even so, when one of those rare days comes along, the kids start getting restless. I don't think they've ever actually uttered the words, "I'm bored" but it's pretty obvious they need something to do when they're laying on the floor, rolling around on top of each other, and arguing. A couple of weeks ago when one of those rare days rolled around, I was prepared.

Spice received an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and sadly the only time she has actually used it was to bake hubby a birthday cake...on Christmas! I've been meaning to get it out again, but I knew Sport would want to be in on the action too. So to drag the fun out as long as possible and keep everyone involved I came up with a BRILLIANT idea (that's my opinion anyway).

While the kids weren't around (another rare occurrence) I wrote this on our dry erase board:

Help Wanted

Baker - Young female needed to bake cakes and cookies. Must have experience with mixing and stirring and know how to operate an Easy Bake Oven.

Quality Control Manager - Experienced cake and cookie eater needed to taste baked goods and determine if they meet our high standards. Must be able to communicate likes and dislikes well. May be required to taste icing or frosting on occasion.

See Mom to apply.

When they came downstairs later looking for some entertainment (i.e. me), I directed them to the board. I was worried Sport may be jealous he did not get to actually bake. Instead I heard him exclaim, "YES! I got the best job." They ran to see me, ready to get to work. I told them it wasn't that easy and that they must first apply for the job. I gave them each an application I had found online and printed out and had them fill it out. This was a great educational opprotunity. They were able to practice filling in a form asking for their name, address, phone well as answer harder questions like "What previous experience have you had that can help you in this job?" and "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?"

Once the applications were turned in, I called them each in for a one-on-one interview with the boss. It was funny to see how nervous they were that they might not actually get the job. During the interview I threw in some random school type questions like "Can you do math? What's 7x9?"

I'm pleased to report both of my kids had a great time. They took their jobs very seriously and there was no fighting over who got to push the cake pan into the oven or who got to eat the first cookie. They've been asking me when we'll do it again. Lucky for them we have another lazy day coming up tomorrow!

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Thaleia said...

wonderful idea! Did you google search recipes or get a book from the library? It's amazing what you can cook IF you have the patience to wait for it to cook,lol:)