Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday - My Little Angels

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. This week's NMM is a special Not My Child edition. It's hard to think of anything my little angels do that's not perfet, but maybe I can come up with a few...

Sport does not have an aversion to sleep so he does not come down the stairs every. single. night. to announce that he can't sleep, doesn't feel good, can't make his brain stop thinking... I have not overlooked this for many years thinking he would one day "grow out of it." I have not recently begun to envision nightly phone calls in my future from my college age son in need of a virtual tuck-in from Mom.

Spice does not need anger management classes. That sweet little shy girl you see out in public is the same sweet little princess we see at home. She does not conduct regular (daily) beatings of her older brother and has not been known to use a bicycle helmet as a weapon. She does not have a short fuse. In fact she doesn't have any fuse at all.

Since Spice is such a healthy eater, I do not have to resort to Deceptively Delicious style cooking techniques in order to get her to eat a vegetable. I do not have to spend extra money at the grocery store on little packs of sliced apples because that's the ones she will eat. She also does not refuse to eat "broken grapes" (i.e. cut-up) and I do not try to pass off every meat I cook as chicken nuggets in the hopes of getting her to try it.

Sport did not scream, recoil in horror, and cover his eyes when he walked in my room the other day and saw me standing there in a two-piece swimming suit. On the other hand he also does not insist every time we go in Target that the swim suit model on the large sign hanging from the ceiling looks just like me.

Spice did not just announce the bread I purchased at Trader Joe's yesterday is not up to her standards, then ask, "Did you make this bread 'cause it doesn't taste too good?"

My children have not become underwear obsessed. A favorite activity during our most recent hotel stay did not involve open their sibling's dresser drawer and announcing, "I see Spice's underwear!" or "I see Sport's underwear!" thereby sending the owner of said underwear into hysterics.

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