Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else has not been doing this week. As for me...

I did not see a sign outside a business that said "BLDG For Sale" on the way home from Spice's dance lesson and spend the rest of the day pondering,"How can you sell a BLOG?" "What type of BLOG would someone buy?" "I wonder how much they want for it?" Since I never mistook the abbreviation B-L-D-G for B-L-O-G, I did not have an AHA! moment when we drove by the same business again the next day and I realized it was a BUILDING for sale and not a BLOG.

In a chocolate related weak moment, I most certainly did not break my Lenten vows of no snacks after dinner by licking the bowl, beater, and spoon one night after making a huge vat of chocolate pudding for Spice to take to her pre-school class for a "dirt" snack. Even if I had succumbed and licked all of those things, it would not have mattered because the pudding had not set yet. It can't be considered food if it's still in a liquid state! I think something like that would have to be considered really thick chocolate milk instead of food.

In a similar moment of weakness, I also did not cut the Zip-loc bag open that held all of the leftover crushed chocolate stuffed Oreos also required for the "dirt" snack and lick every last bit of chocolate goodness off of it. If that had happened tho, it would have been OK because that's something I would have done in the middle of the day, not after dinner.

Finally, I definitely did not tell Sport to "download the dishes" into the dishwasher after supper so that I could quickly fix dessert for everyone last night. I don't even KNOW what would have to be going through someone's brain to say something like that. That would be beyond scatterbrained!


carma said...

download the dishes - classic!
Nice NMM's

Mama Said said...

ROFL! Blog for sale! That so sounds like me! I would have spent hours trying to figure it out, too.

And downloading the dishes is great! I think that is NOT a groovie way to describe it in kid lingo!