Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here's a look at what we did in school this past week:

Social Studies - kicked off a new unit on the continent of Australia. This week we labeled a map, looked at different regions of Australia (outback, mountains...), noted major attractions (Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House, the capitol), read lots of books about Australia, and watched a video about animals from down under. We finished off the week with our first ever salt dough map masterpiece. (It's in the drying stages now so more to come on that later.)

Language Arts - worked on spelling words related to Australia; copywork quotes from Albert Einstein and Aussie jokes; used Scholastic's Story Starter for creative writing for the first time. (It was a hit.)

Science - finished up our unit on light and color and studied Albert Einstein.

Spanish - worked on learning bathroom words (not to be confused with potty words) and yard words. Used the Go Fish cards I made to review foods.

Math - more addition and subtraction with trading/borrowing. We're actually supposed to work on another chapter of this in our math books subtracting 3 digit #s from 3 digit #s with borrowing, but honestly after WEEKS of this, I can see that Sport has it down pat so we'll probably skim through that section then move on to multiplication. We also measured and calculated to see if we could jump as far as a kangaroo. (We could not.)

Reading - aside from all of the Aussie picture books we read this week, we also completed a Tomie De Paola chapter book Here We All Are. This is the follow up to 26 Fairmont Avenue. We'll move on to the 3rd book Things Will Never Be The Same next. Sport and Spice love these books. They are easy to read chapter books de Paola wrote about his own childhood. We do them as read alouds.

Last Saturday we went to a concert by Sapien at a local nature center to get a look at a didjeridoo and hear tales of life in the Outback. It was a great start to our Australia unit. Here's a picture from the event:

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