Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Notes

Since Spice first learned to write I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't received some type of "love note" from her. In fact, love and mom were two of the first words she learned to write, even before her own name. It has become a ritual at bedtime to see which one of us can profess our love the most. I'm not a total fool though, I know this is also a good tactic for prolonging bedtime. The other day she asked to type so I set her up on my laptop then went off to cook supper. I returned later to find this note:

"Mom I LOVE YOU 10000000000000.....00000000 LOVES."

Today I found this message on the whiteboard in our school room:


(Did you know iNFiNUD = infinity?)

I'm keeping a record of all these love notes so I can show them to her when she's a teenager and doesn't want anything to do with me!

1 comment:

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, that is precious. My little one (3) is always saying, "mommy, you're my best friend."

I too chuckle and enjoy; knowing there will come a time that it just won't be so!